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How It Works

Step 1:​ Sign Up

To create an account with us, you'll need to:


Step 2:​ Verify Your Account

Once you've signed up, you will hear back from us within 1 business day.


After that, clients can:

Finish their account set up (5-10 minutes)


Book a meet and greet


Step 3:​ Book Your Meet & Greet

The meet and greet includes: 

Reviewing our user friendly app & key policies


Discussing your pet care needs


Reviewing all important details

Step 4: Request Services

You are able to request services as needed through our App or Online Portal.

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Step 5: Completion of Services

One of our trusted team members will arrive at your home to care for your furry family member.

After each service, you will receive a post-visit message about our your pet's visit, including pictures, GPS tracking and time stamps.


It's that easy!

Q: Will it be the same person visiting my pet each time?

A: We always do our best to keep our walkers / pet sitters as consistent as possible.  We like to have a primary and a secondary walker assigned to your pet so that if one walker is away, there is a familiar fill in.


Last minute and very infrequent bookings make consistent walkers less likely.

Our team takes turns working evenings and weekends.


Q: My dog pulls hard and/or is reactive on walks, will you still walk her?


A: Yes, with the proper tools. Dogs that pull excessively or are highly reactive can cause injury to themselves and our walkers.  We will work with you to find a proper solution via a trainer if your dog requires extra attention on walks. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, exercised and happy!

Q: I don't have a door or garage code, how will you access my house?

A: We recommend using a lockbox.  There is a variety of lockboxes for sale either at local hardware stores or online. If you are a cat check client, we do have loaner lockboxes for rent for $7 including pick up and drop off.

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