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Fort Dog Fit is a dog-walking & pet service company providing personal and loving care to:





Small Family Pets




Fort Dog Fit dog walkers are passionate about their work, carefully chosen for their:








Overall awesomeness


To help families and their pets live a higher quality of life by:

Helping pet owners balance the busy demands of life


Helping pets be both mentally & physically healthier


Treating each animal in our care as if it were our own

Our Story


Hi, I'm Linds!

I have been walking with Fort Dog Fit since 2019 and had the amazing opportunity to purchase the business in September 2022. We have been operating in Fort Saskatchewan since 2016 and have grown so much!


I was born in BC and have lived in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and now Alberta where I've made Fort Saskatchewan my home.

I have always loved animals (that sounds like such a cheesy thing to put down paper) and I grew up with dogs my whole life.

I scrambled a lot early in life to try to find that job that doesn't make me regret getting up in the morning, that has me excited for each new day, and that doesn't truly feel like 9-5 "work". I think I hit the jackpot with Fort Dog Fit and I still can't believe that I'm able to spend my time loving up on your pets!

When I'm not walking dogs and working behind the scenes, you can find me:

-Visiting family in BC

-Crafting (learning new things all the time!)

-Curating a jungle-like plant collection

-Bike riding

We are so proud of what this small business has become. Our goal is to provide 5-star service in everything that we do. 


Our reputation in the community is thanks to an incredible team of individuals who show up each day as their best selves and put their heart into their work and the animals that they care for.

Our Team
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